Call for clinical cases

Dead-line for clinical cases submission was Monday, April 8, 2019 and the submission is now closed.

Four clinical cases will be selected to be presented at the oral session during the congress in Helsinki. The best case selected will be given the opportunity to publish the case in European Heart Journal (EHJ) Case Report.

Who qualifies to submit? – and grading

This document will take you through the process for submitting a Clinical Case for the 27th Nordic- Baltic Congress of Cardiology.

If you are < 40 years old (upon submission) OR in training to become cardiologist and you are based in one of the Nordic – Baltic countries (Incl. Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), you are qualified to submit a case report.

The cases will be graded by reviewers representing different subspecialities. The review will emphasize on following features: originality, presentation/language, clarity of learning objective and interest for general cardiologist.

The deadline to submit your clinical case is Monday, April 8, 2019, 23:59 CET (Central European Time).    

All cases submitted after this date will not be considered for review.

Case review will take place early April. Selection will be announced 15th of April 2019, and Results will be personally notified to the Submitter/Presenter. A recommendation letter for applying travel grant from institution/society will be sent to the submitter.

Clinical Case Submission Guidelines - How to submit?

Download PPT (power point) platform for case submission here

NBCC Clinical Case submission platform new

Review the platform and the components of needed information. The following explanations for each field will be found in the corresponding platform.

Case Submission

Clinical Case Title – You are asked to enter a title (please be sure the title of the case describes the case precisely) – 500 characters maximum

Clinical Case description – You also have a slide to enter a brief description of your case. This description is important as the best cases will not only compete for congress oral presentation but also for EHJ Case Report publication. Full guidelines for EHJ Case Report submission will follow after nomination of the winner case.

Main Topic – Select ONE topic from the list – please select the topic which best fits your case.

Related Topic(s) –You may select up to 2 related topics to better index your case in publications

Clinical Guidelines – Indicate the ESC Clinical Practice Guideline which applies best to your case

Authors List

SUBMITTER (The submitter must be the 1st author and the presenter) – As submitter you are by default the presenter of the case. You will need to list all contributors to the case as authors – you must ensure you have the authorization from them to list them on your case – You can enter up to 5 additional authors – Only the Submitter/Presenter information is mandatory, authors are only to be listed for acknowledgement of their contribution. All fields are mandatory for case approval.

Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, Email, City, Country, Institution

For additional authors, complete the following information

Last Name, First Name, Email, Country

Learning Outcomes – Please state in the designated area the learning objectives related to the case. (What are the main teaching points/take home messages?) All cases are required to have a clear learning objective, which is one of the main components of the grading.

Case Content (5 pages – mandatory)

1 – Patient presentation, medical history, current & prior medication, finding & physical examination
• History of presentation
• Symptoms, signs
• Vital signs
• Physical examination
• Medical background (including previous operations etc)
2 – Diagnostic procedures (and, if applicable, initial management)
• What was the first step in clinical management
• Discuss differential diagnosis (how the authors reached to this decision)
3 – Diagnosis & management plan
• Differential diagnosis
• How did the authors decide the management plan?
• If appropriate, refer to ESC guidelines and indications
5 – Problems, further follow up, complications, conclusion
• Clinical outcome
• Any complications
• Take home messages

As submitter, you are responsible for removing any elements that could be used to identify patients!

Components and media files

Images/Clips – You may add pictures and video clips to your presentation. Video clips must include no more than 1 or 2 heart beats to create a loop (otherwise the file will become too large to handle). Formats accepted for pictures: GIF, JPG, Animated GIF (minimum resolution of 120 dpi) and for videos WMV, MPG, AVI, FLV. Notice that MOV-files should be converted before submission.

References – You may use this field to insert all references required.

Please, note that once submitted, you can no longer make changes to your case submission under review.

Proofread case carefully to avoid errors before submission, check spelling and grammar. If selected for presentation at NBCC congress, you may perform adequate adaptations to your presentation before the session.

After completing, submit your case by email. SUBMISSION ADDRESS:

Please note that all cases must be original and real. We don’t accept cases already published in a scientific context or presented in another scientific congress prior to the NBCC 2019.

If you have difficulties in submitting your clinical cases or if you need any further information, please contact the clinical case session moderators Heli Tolppanen ( / Harri Silvola (

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