About Nordic-Baltic Cardiology Alliance (NBCA)

Joining the Nordic and Baltic cardiologists together

The Nordic-Baltic Congress of Cardiology is organized every two years by one of the Nordic-Baltic countries. The first Nordic Congress of Cardiology was organized in 1967.

The congress has had a specific role in joining the Nordic and Baltic cardiologists together. We still need even closer co-operation between the Nordic and Baltic countries to be able to have a strong influence at the European level from the geographically and socio-economically homogeneous area, including uniform health-care systems. It is important to continue this tradition and also to extend co-operation with other European countries.

Danish Society of Cardiology

Estonian Society of Cardiology

Finnish Cardiac Society

Icelandic Society of Cardiology

Latvian Society of Cardiology

Lithuanian Society of Cardiology

Norwegian Society of Cardiology

Swedish Society of Cardiology
Organized in co-operation with the Nordic-Baltic Cardiology Alliance and the Nordic Baltic Group on Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professions
Nordic-Baltic Cardiology Alliance